This is the most brutal sport in the world!!!


“When you enter the field, you are afraid for your life,” said one of the football players who is a big fan of the sport. If you have never heard of this sport, then you do not know what you are missing, because it’s a game that shows who is the strongest and most powerful on the field. It also assures us that only the strongest and the bravest ones can play this game.

This sport is unique in every respect and is held in only one place in the world, and that place is Florence. Every year, a tournament of this sport is held in the Florence square where the strongest ones come ready to try out the historical football. The rules are very simple, you have two goals, and your aim is to score a goal against your opponent. That’s pretty much it. Everything else is allowed. Only bumps in the groin and head are prohibited. You can use everything else, so you can kick, throw and carry the ball, while you can also hit, kick, shake, and even drown your opponent.


Historical data show that this sport first appeared in 1580 in Florence and that the first rules were conceived by Giovanni Di Bardi. The rules of that period were that “Players who want to be a part of this sport must be aged from 18 to 45. They must be beautiful, fearless, strong and of good posture.” These were the only conditions and the only rules of this game. Everything was allowed then, and it often happened that somebody dies on the ground from serious injuries. Today, it’s not the case, but however, serious injuries are common.

Due to rough and strong contacts, injuries and fractures of limbs often occur, as well as dangerous spine and neck damages. Those who train and practice this dangerous sport say it is like a gladiator sword. You are there to show your strength and superiority, but also to survive the influence of other competitors who are trying to hurt you seriously. If you want to be the best, you have to overcome all of these obstacles.

Watch this video clip to see what this sport is all about: