Three Teams That Must Win In NFL’s Week 8

We are almost at the halfway point of NFL’ regular season, and this is the phase where some teams need to either catch up or separated from their rivals. Some of these squads that are in a must-win situation need this game in order to keep pace with rivals that are leading their division. Let’s see which of these teams need to win the most.

3. CINCINNATI BENGALS – Steelers are not running away for them, but it just seems like this is the perfect opportunity for Bengals to make a small run in order to catch their rivals. Washington is a very beatable opponent for them on their home turf, and they need to take advantage of that.

2. WASHINGTON REDSKINS – This is the team that Bengals are playing this week. Redskins have a decent 4-3 record. Yet, they are tied for third place in the NFC East. Two competitors are ahead of them, and they need to start catching up on them to make some noise later in the season.

1. CAROLINA PANTHERS – This was an easy choice. Carolina is in a world of trouble right now, but there is still hope for this team. NFC is a bit weaker this season than in previous years, so that gives a chance for Cam Newton and his squad to step up and string a couple of good performances. They need to start winning now, and the game against the Cardinals is an absolute must-win for Panthers.