Three Teams That Are In Must-Win Situation In Week 4

It’s only a Week 4, but there are teams that already have those must-win games. It’s either because they are Super Bowl contenders and don’t want to lose ground on their rivals, or they just have to win in order to stay alive in the division. Let’s see which teams are facing must-win situations today.

3. WASHINGTON REDSKINS vs. Browns – They were in a must-win situation last week against the Giants, and they can say the same again. Eagles are 3-0 and will remain undefeated, while both Cowboys and Giants have a better record right now. They are at home, playing on their own turf against an inferior team, they just need to win this game.

2. ARIZONA CARDINALS vs. Rams – After that 1-2 start and a disastrous performance in Buffalo, Arizona can now find themselves on the ropes. They are quite lucky that some of their main rivals in the NFC haven’t been playing great, but still, they are in a tough spot as they are a team that wants to contend for the Super Bowl title. They just can’t afford to lose ground anymore.

1. CAROLINA PANTHERS vs. Falcons – Divisional rivalry when the stakes are high. There is no better game than that. Just like Cardinals, Carolina is 1-2, and they are playing their divisional competitor that is ahead of them in the rankings. They can’t let Falcons get two games ahead of them and need to keep the pace with Seahawks, Packers, and Cardinals, if they win against LA. Must-win for Cam and his squad.