Tips for Bingo Players – Take Game to the Next Level

Bingo is a classic game enjoyed by people across the world for decades. The best part about it is that it’s suitable for all ages! As avid players will know, bingo is a game of chance, but equally fun and entertaining and never fails to bring a layer of excitement! What has made bingo a family favorite for so many years is that the rules are easy to learn. Once you get the basics down, you can start playing!

Each player marks off numbers from their bingo cards as “the caller” announces them. The first player to complete a predetermined sequence wins the game. Depending on how long the game is or how many rounds you want to do, the sequences will change and will typically end with the entire bingo card being cleared. Bingo is a social game that can be played either in person or online. For avid players, there are many tips to keep you the best at your game. Read on and click here to learn how to take your bingo playing to the next level.

Tips to Help You Get Ahead

Be ready early

This tip might not seem the most exciting and will seem the most self-explanatory, but it is crucial for bingo. For a game as fast-paced as bingo, you must be ready to rock and roll before the game even starts. In your case, it will be having your card looked at, numbers memorized, and a pen at the ready so you will be on your game as the first number is drawn. In the same way, professional athletes turn up early to an event to have time to prepare for their best possible performance; the same applies to you!

Yes, we recognize that bingo isn’t a professional sport, but arriving early allows you to set yourself up at your table, buy drinks and snacks, catch up with friends, and be ready to go! Rushing in and throwing your stuff around just as the first number is about to be called won’t work for your gameplay!

Learn how to count numbers

If you are an avid bingo player, you will understand the concepts behind the mathematical probabilities that come into play when trying to predict which number will come next. Depending on how many balls are used, theoretically, there will be a uniform pattern as to how they are called. Usually, there will be an even amount of both even and odd numbers, numbers ending in one, two, three, and four, and high and low numbers. It is fair to assume that the longer you are in a game, the higher the likelihood of your numbers being called. If you have a set budget when playing bingo, instead of using it all on buying more bingo books, a better tactic could be to play fewer books in more games. Each player will play the same amount of games.

In a wheel-of-balls game, more serious bingo players who understand the concepts of mathematical probability may employ a more complex theory based on predictability. Don’t believe us? Well, listen to Joseph E. Granville! He is a mathematical analyst who put forward the idea that the best way to win in this kind of bingo was to buy cards with an even distribution of odd and even numbers, etc. His suggestion came from the belief that you’ll get an equal amount of numbers being called in the long term.

The Tippett Theory


Continuing with our theory theme, British statistician L.H.C. Tippett came up with the idea that randomness might or might not be true. As there is no statistical way of proving this theory, you can be the judge! Tippett’s theory suggests that the more numbers are called in games like bingo, the more likely those numbers will then gravitate toward the median number.

Let us give you an example. If there are 99 balls in a game, and it’s a short game, choose numbers closer to 1 or 99. If it is a longer game, choose numbers closer to the median number, which would be 45. The more experienced you are at bingo, the more you will be able to spot when a game goes on for longer.

Play as many books as you can

For this tactic to work, you need to know and understand your gaming experience in bingo. If you buy too many books (sometimes called “cards”), there is a high chance you will miss some numbers when they are called. If this happens, there is no chance of you being able to win with those books. Knowing your limitations is vital for your success. To put it into context, if there are 20 players in a game and everyone has one book each, this means there is a 5% chance of you winning the game. However, if everyone else in the same game has one book and you have two books, you have a 9.5% chance of winning. So you see, your chances are higher the more books you have. You just need to ensure your comfort levels before rushing to do so.

Learn to understand game sizes

People often think that the best way to win at bingo is to ensure there are fewer players. This is the idea that you are more likely to win if you are up against fewer people. This isn’t always the right approach.

In many cases, whether in person or on an online platform, bingo jackpots are calculated through the number of cards in a game. If there are fewer cards in play, the prize is going to be smaller. If you decide to play in a larger game, you can win bigger prizes. The decision is all yours! Perhaps start small and work your way up to the bigger games.

Ask experienced players for tips

The best way to learn, other than through practice, is through guidance from others. Players who have been around the block will be able to help you with strategies, tips, and their experiences with bingo games. Take in as much information as you can, as the better informed you are, the better your gameplay will ultimately become. Remember, it’s not a sprint – so take time to learn and enjoy. Bingo is a game that is meant to be fun and shared with others. Don’t make it a chore that you’ll grow to resent!