Tips For First Time Dog Owners: Is It Really That Difficult?

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Few experiences in life generate as much satisfaction as the arrival of a new member to the family, and this, of course, includes pets.

However, this does not mean it is an easy task. For example, for those puppy fanatics, it is essential to handle certain basic aspects of care, considering, in principle, that these cares vary according to the breed of the dog, its size and its characteristics.

Without fear of learning, rest assured that having a dog for the first time will be one of the most exciting experiences for you. The family dynamics will change completely around this new individual. As long as you have a lot of love to give and are willing to devote enough time to him, rest assured that everything will turn out the right way. Here are some main tips you should know.

1. Dog Breed

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Any dog ​​owner should be aware that not all dogs are the same, and this is related to their breed. There will be some easier to take care of, and that is fun and playful such as the Golden Retriever. However, if you do not have enough space or time to take him to play and run, this selection will not be a good idea, for example.

Consider the space available in your home and the needs you want to meet with the arrival of your dog before choosing his breed. Do you need a playful pet to take a walk every day? Or are you looking for a dog to guard your house?

A smart solution is a yard surrounded by a fence, with enough space for your dog to play. For example, you can check out this wireless dog fence buying guide here.

The coat and the size are some of the characteristics that most vary from one breed to another, and according to this, the dog will be more demanding in terms of hygiene, brushing, feeding, etc.

Think about this point before making a decision. Keep in mind the time you have, the reason you want to have this new and special pet and the space available.

2. The Vet

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No matter what type of dog you end up choosing, in any case, the visit to the veterinarian is mandatory. This first review allows dog owners to know all the necessary information regarding their dog. The specialist will go further when determining the care and immediate requirements to keep your dog healthy and strong.

Beyond the generalities regarding each dog breed, the veterinarian will detect individual needs, and this is much more important.

If you want to feel more secure about your dog’s health, getting insurance is a wise move. Check out this FindReviews pet insurance comparison for options.

3. Feeding

Although giving food to dogs is not one of the most exigent things inside the pet world, do not forget that this goes hand in hand with the breed and age of the dog. To avoid further health problems, research enough about his breed and the type of foods that are most appropriate for him. Keep in mind that the most playful, large and active dogs will have much higher energy needs. Also consider high high nutrition diets like raw food offered by companies like

4. Hygiene

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Unlike a cat or a rabbit, cleaning is a process for dogs. You must take the time to give him a shower and for this, you must acquire a good shampoo for dogs suited to his type of coat. It does not work the same in short coats as in long coats.

Give your pet a good bath at least once a week. Then, brush his coat very well and check that there are no fleas or ticks. This will be the best way to prevent this type of problem, and if he does have, detection will be early and much easier to treat. “Learn more about prevention and tools with detailed guides on DoggieDesigner.

5. Game

Dogs need to exercise and above all have fun to have a happy life. The loyalty that they will develop towards you will be one of the best sensations in life, and for that reason, you must repay them in the appropriate way.

Take some time to be with him, caress him, play or let him be by your side. You can take your dog for a short walk, or you can take advice from Bivvy and exercise with your pet to stay in shape and save money on a gym membership while spending quality time together.

6. Attentions

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The visits to the veterinarian should be made regularly. The specialist will tell you what the relevant interval is before you go to visit again unless there is some inconvenient first. You also need to be aware of the vaccines and any other type of supplement that may be recommended by the doctor.


Having a pet is a wonderful experience, so first of all, enjoy it a lot. Do not feel afraid, as long as you are attentive, careful and loving he will be fine. According to, the most important thing for first-time dog owners is to understand the level of commitment they are acquiring with this new living being. Without fear and with emotion for the new experience, go and get your first dog. He will be happy in his new home.