Tips on how to write better resumes

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Your resume is what has the most impact on the decision your employer makes when you are applying for a job, which means that you need to give your best in order to make it look as professional as possible. Writing good resumes is a skill that takes practice but is extremely rewarding because you’ll be landing jobs like it is nothing if you get good at it.

Here are a few things that you need to know in order to write better resumes.

Keeping it short and concise

Your employer will never want to go through an entire book of information, just so they can make the decision if they want to hire you or not. So, in order to keep it professional and attracting, your resume needs to be written by a length standard, which is usually not more than three pages long. However, you need to be careful not to make it too short as well, so about two pages is the “golden” balance in length that you should be aiming for when writing it.

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An organized layout

When you are writing a resume, a lot of different information will be included, and it can sometimes overwhelm your employer and possibly make him miss out a few details or mix them up in a manner which is not beneficial for your chances of scoring the job. So, keeping different information such as names in bold, and skills in italic, for example, is a good way to allow your employer to quickly navigate through the resume. Plus, you will be leaving a better impression of your organizing skills and tidiness factors.

Double checking

It is normal and perfectly acceptable to make mistakes, however, when it comes to professional resume writing, minimizing or completely avoiding them is extremely important. Your employer might form a negative picture in their mind if your resume is filled with errors and spelling mistake, so double checking before submitting is probably one of the best advice that you can get. If you want to see an example of professionally written resumes, visit here.

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Including only relevant information

Your employer is hiring you to do a certain job which requires certain skills, which means that your resume should only include skills which are relevant to the job position you will hopefully be getting. So, if you are trying to get a job in the IT department, your employer doesn’t need to know about your sport-related achievements or anything related to cooking. Keep it short, concise and relevant, because that’s the key for leaving a good impression.

Adapt according to the situation

If you are trying to get a job in a place which requires you to be very creative, you can show that off by making your resume more creative as well. Try to create a unique design that features some of your skills, by actually showing them in the resume. Remember that this should only be done if you are applying for a job in the creative industry, otherwise, always stick to the traditional resume in order to avoid some embarrassment.