Tips To Extend Car Battery Life

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A car is the most prized-possession that anyone has. We spend thousands of dollars while purchasing the vehicle and its maintenance is equally essential. Car batteries are among the most crucial part of a car, and they require a lot of care. Find more details about car batteries, consider to visit

Batteries are responsible for running a car. From getting the automobile started to charge the phone on the go, the cells are responsible for all these operations. That is why you should know some of the essential tips to increase the life of car batteries.

By following these tips, you will be able to improve the overall quality of your car batteries and increase their life.

These are some of the necessary tips to help fortify the life of the car batteries:

1. Routine Inspection

You need to check the car batteries often. According to, life lead-acid batteries minimize drastically when they are left fully or partially discharged. You need to check the voltage of the battery using a voltmeter. Make sure you do this at least once in a month.

A nourished, full charge battery can give around 12.7 volts of voltage. When the voltage drops to 12.5 volts, it becomes essential to recharge it immediately.

A lead-acid battery is considered to be completely dead at 12.0 volts voltage and partially charged at 12.4 volts. Make sure you keep proper tabs on the battery through regular checking and keep it fully charge.

2. Avoid Short Rides As Much As Possible

If you need to run an errand from close by then try not to hop on the car. The frequent car rides keep the batteries from fully charging. You can improve the performance and life by extended driving but not with the small trips down the road.

If you don’t use the car frequently then prefer investing in a portable car battery charger. These chargers are able to quickly start the battery in case of need. There are plenty of types that you can find in the market making it so difficult to choose. You can find the top car battery chargers reviewed on BestOfMachinery for your buying guide.

3. Don’t Turn On The Accessories While Idling

Car batteries stay in a comfortable space when they are charged close to 100%. Therefore, make sure while the can is idling, don’t turn on any accessories such as engine lights or headlights.

Also, before you exit the car, make sure that all the accessories are turned off. Also, double check everything as it is essential for the life of car batteries.

4. Minimize Heat Exposure

People usually have the misconception that car batteries get hampered because of the cold weather. But it is the other way around. We cannot say that extreme cold weather doesn’t have any effect on the batteries, but the actual reason is that damage that happens in the heat of previous summers. For more information, check

You might know that batteries need water to survive. In extreme heat, the rate of water evaporation increases, even if the batteries are completely sealed. This makes them weaker which reflects poorly when the winter comes.

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So, you need to park the car in the shade, mostly a garage so that it is less exposed to direct sunlight. This will elongate the life of the batteries.

5. Control The Corrosion

Battery terminals are exposed to water and chemicals. It’s natural that they get corrode over time. You need to keep them as clean as you can from the build-up. This will help in prolonged age of the batteries.

You can take a toothbrush and scrub the terminals. You can use a mixture of water and baking soda as it is the most effective in cleaning the corrosion.

Make sure to remove all the baking soda mixture using cold water. You can fill water in a spray bottle and rinse the mixture off. Later, take a cloth for the drying purpose. This is the easiest way to clean the build-up.

6. Drive Your Car Regularly

The cars that are not driven regularly tend to self-discharge at the rate of 1% on room temperature. Moreover, the parasites that load from the vehicle will only increase the discharge. This will consequently weaken the batteries.

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A running car does not come across any such troubles. So, make sure that since you have the automobile, use it as much as you can.


Batteries get exhausted because all the accessories in the car keep draining the energy out of them. The batteries are expensive and frequent change can cost immensely. It is vital that you give emphasis on maintaining them.

This will not only increase the life of the batteries but also boost the performance of the car. You just have to follow the simple tips shared above. These are quite easy to approach and give great value to the vehicle as well.

Correct maintenance of car components can lead to better usage. Take care of your automobiles the same way as they take care of you.