Title Match Set Up For Next Week’s Edition Of Smackdown Live

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AJ Styles has been a good United States Champion. The title is important because of the fact that the guy that is holding it is one of the best in the WWE. As a matter of fact, the US Championship now looks more important than the WWE Title just based on the fact that AJ Styles is much more credible as a champion than Jinder Mahal. When you combine that with the fact that it has had some really credible challengers, like Kevin Owens, you realize that US title is a big deal.

Many people argue that championships like the US one or the Intercontinental championship are perfect for mid card talent or the superstars that are up-and-comers. AJ Styles is none of those two things. The Phenomenal One is a legit superstar that is the main event-caliber talent. That is the same kind of situation that John Cena was in two years ago when he was the United States Champion.

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The title was really important then, and the title is really important now as well. The best thing that Styles can do now is to face some new guys in order to elevate them and the title even more. The WWE has recognized that and they are going to have a championship match next week on Smackdown Live.

It is going to be AJ Styles that is going to defend his title next week against Tye Dillinger that lost his battle against Corbin via the cheap shot. He is going to battle Styles in a match that should be a good showcase for the Perfect 10. Great decision by the writers to book this fight.