Tito Ortiz Announced That the Victory over Chael Sonnen Would Be a Great Way to End Career

image source: stek.org

Chael Sonnen surprised people all over the world as he signed with Bellator, and Tito Ortiz can’t wait to welcome him. Ortiz has one more fight before the termination of his contract with Bellator, and his prime target became Chael Sonnen, a former UFC contender.

Ortiz told ESPN.com:”I had zero heads-up Chael was signing with Bellator. I was thinking Fedor or Rampage (Jackson would be the next fight). I think this is a bigger fight than those. Chael interests me more than Fedor because he has a bigger following. He knows how to talk, and there’s history between us.”

Sonnen and Ortiz met in a wrestling match back in college, and Sonnen was more successful. To see them fight in mixed martial arts competition would be amazing. Ortiz would get a chance for payback and for Bellator that would be a blockbuster duel.

Before Ortiz found out about Sonnen joining the Bellator, his prime target had been Fedor, but he was not thrilled with all the adjustments he had to make. He wanted to enter his last fight without giving the advantage to Fedor.

image source: forums.sherdog.com

As for the Ortiz and Sonnen, they both want that fight, and it would be a treat for fans. Ortiz believes that this is a fair match-up, and he is hoping that he will end his career with a win. A year ago he fought Liam McGeary, but he failed to win the light heavyweight title.

Ortiz said:” I think Chael makes the most sense. He can sell the fight and I see it as redemption. It’s a perfect style match-up for me.”