Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 official release date speculations!


As we reported just recently, season 3 of the anime series Tokyo Ghoul will be pushed back which is probably a huge disappointment to many fans. Earlier reports stated that the sequel will be airing this year together with the premiere of the second season of One-Punch Man, but as it turns out the season 3 premiere will be postponed until 2018.

If you caught it, then you probably know that the ICV2 had an interview with Viz Media senior director Ken Hamric who supposedly have mentioned that the fans of this show can rejoice because the season three premiere will come this year. Hamric also said “Nothing that’s been recently released, but One-Punch Man is coming back on with season two. There’s going to be another season of Tokyo Ghoul coming shortly. Later in the year, those would be the bigger releases on the anime side.”


After this statement, Viz Media quickly clarified some of the things in a press release that said that Hamric might have been misquoted since there was no official timeline for the season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul launch. They continued by saying that instead of Tokyo Ghoul new seasons of the One-Punch Man and My Hero Academia will be released this year.

When it comes to Tokyo Ghoul sequel fans are still annoyed because the official release date is still nowhere to be found. This is definitely frustrating, but if there is any justice in the world, the official info will be very close. Some rumors, coming from a report by Saiko Plus (via TV Season Spoilers), are that the delay behind the season 3 is because of the lack of material to work with in order to start production. As it turns out there is simply not a whole lot of content available to continue the story which has forced the production to shift their focus to creating more gripping content. Hopefully, they will manage to do so, and do it very quickly if they want to fit in the 2018 timeline.