Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 & One Punch Man Season 2, unfortunately, won’t be released in 2017


Dear anime lovers we are sorry to disappoint you, but as we managed to find out Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is still without its release date. We all know that you were deeply saddened by the announcement that Viz Media will not release the series the following month as it was planned. Viz Media, which is the company that runs One Punch Man and Tokyo Ghoul simultaneously, simply stated that the reason behind this is that there is no progress in the show.

What actually made us look forward to new seasons of these two shows was a comment from Kevin Hamric, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing in Viz Media, who basically said that there is a lot of confidence that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will have its premiere soon. Right up with Tokyo Ghoul, One Punch Man Season 2 will be the second biggest anime series to watch out in 2017. This was all reported by Christian Today, but that excitement didn’t last for very long. Soon after that report, Viz Media released a statement that very clearly explained that Kevin Hamric was actually wrong. Yup, you read right he was wrong for some reason.

According to Viz Media Kevin Hamric’s statement on Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 and One Punch Man Season 2 was entirely misspoken or misquoted during his interview with the said media. This was a thing that devastated many fans of the series who after a period of time, after Hamric’s interview passed, spent without any updates regarding the release date for the Tokyo Ghoul started to believe that it just isn’t going to happen this year at all. Pretty much the same thing we managed to conclude after much research. But to at least try and console fans below you can read what is to expect in the upcoming episodes.

If you let go of the release date for now and focus on what awaits us in future episodes, then you will find out that the Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 should revolve around character Ken Kaneki who was killed in the previous season, as you recall. From a video we found on YouTube, we discovered that a new character is going to be introduced, and there is something already seen on him. Yes, you can notice it now too, he will bear striking resemblances to Ken Kaneki, which is just the thing that was confirmed by Korea Portal. The only question on the table is whether the same character will be resurrected for the sequel or a new figure will be introduced.