Is Tom Brady Now The Greatest To Ever Play The Game?

Tom Brady’s legacy before last night was nothing short of amazing. He was already one of the best to ever play the game, if not the best according to some people. He was a four-time Super Bowl champion that had made six SB appearance’s, and he was about to have his seventh shot at the Lombardi Trophy. Even with the loss to Falcons, he would have still been a legend of this game.

But now, with this win, and more importantly, the way that they won this match, there is no doubt that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. They completed the greatest comeback of all time in the Super Bowl as they overcome a 25-point deficit in the last 20 minutes of the regulation and went all the way in overtime. He was clutch and made all the needed plays for his squad in order for them to catch the Falcons and win the duel in the end.

Now, he is a five-time Super Bowl champion and a four-time Super Bowl MVP. No quarterback ever has won more titles than him, and no quarterback has made as many appearances in the biggest game in the NFL as Tom Brady has. Joe Montana always had the nod over Brady for going 4-for-4 in his Super Bowls, with some legendary drives to win it all.

Brady now has more titles than him and has had a couple amazing game-winning drives, including one against Seattle. And now, a couple of drives to get them back in the match, a couple of two-pt conversions for them to stay alive and a deadly drive to win the trophy in overtime. There was no doubt that Brady would score as soon as the Patriots elected to keep the ball to start the overtime. Simply the greatest of all time.