Tom Clancy’s The Division – The Survival Expansion Release Date


Much to all gamers’ delight, it has been recently announced that “ Tom Clancy’s The Division ” will release the long-awaited “The Survival” Expansion just before Thanksgiving Day and that it is scheduled to come out on Windows PC and Xbox One on November 22.

Ubisoft has recently confirmed some details about their upcoming project, so we now know that Xbox One is given the honor to be the first console the expansion will be available on. After that, sometime around Christmas, you will also have the opportunity to find “The Survival” on PS4 as well. The expansion will be tested before the official release, in the same way, Ubisoft’s last project (“Tom Clancy’s The Division” 1.4 patch) was – using the same Public Test Server (PTS).

“Tom Clancy’s The Division” 1.4 patch was released on October 25, and it turned out to be a major success, so the fans are now highly excited about the new project, 1.5 patch, which will also be available soon enough.


“ Tom Clancy’s The Division ” 1.5 Patch Release

Even though Ubisoft has not made any official announcements about the release date for “The Survival” and the Patch 1.5, it is rumored that the two game updates will be released simultaneously. Either way, all of you who managed to purchase the Season Pass before November 3 will certainly be happy to hear that you will be given the opportunity to enjoy both the expansion and 1.5 patch for free.

The game developer has added something to both updates, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you notice new named weapons and gear sets and a new world tier.

As you can see, Ubisoft has prepared something special again, and we believe the new projects will live up to your expectations. Should there be any new piece of information, we will make sure you are the first in line to find out about it.