Is Tony Romo To Denver Really A Good Idea?

Tony Romo is officially the backup quarterback in Dallas. Dak Prescott has led this team to ten straight wins causing Romo to be pushed to the bench after he recovered from his injury. There is no doubt about the fact that this already veteran quarterback wants to be the one playing and he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his career sitting on the bench.

A lot of people were mentioning that he could be traded to the Denver Broncos as they are a team with good defense and they miss that elite player on most important position. Siemian is good, but he is not on Romo’s level. Would that really be a good move? Romo to Denver?

For him, it would be a great move. For Denver, not so much. We saw how their offensive line looked against the Chiefs. They had a horrible game, and they are average at best. Do you really want to have a quarterback who is getting paid as much as Romo is, with his injury problems and struggles with staying on the field?

How long would it take for Romo to get injured behind this Denver Broncos offensive line? It’s a great move for him since he would get to play and not sit on the bench like he is right now, but for Denver, Tony Romo is not worth the risk.

There is always a chance that Prescott mess something up and Romo gets the chance but at this point we don’t see that happening. Also, for Cowboys, it is great to have such a strong backup in case you need him.