Tony Romo Got Back On Track After He Broke Up With Jessica Simpson in 2009

In the latest episode of the Undisputed, Skip Bayless discussed with Shannon Sharpe about Tony Romo’s relationship with Jessica Simpson.

As Skip said, Jessica affected “his ability to focus and dedicate himself to playing quarterback.” Moreover, he added:” “He had to pay too much attention off-the-field and he was not dedicating himself to the process of playing NFL quarterback.”

However, maybe he was too sharp, considering that they broke up before training camp in 2009. Shannon Sharp was surprised that Skip only blamed Jessica.

In 2009, Romo had a good season and he was a Pro Bowl selection. He threw for 4483 yards, recorded 26 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions. Although the numbers were astonishing, we knew that he could have been better.

He also made the Pro Bowl in 2006 and 2007. He also dated Jessica Simpson in 2007. It is hard to believe that she slowed him down, considering that the Cowboys had 13 wins and 3 losses at the end of that season. Moreover, he threw 36 TD passes, but he also had 19 interceptions.

Maybe Skip was wrong because it is impossible to determine whether a healthy relationship is important to Romo’s performance on the field. He tied the knot before the 2011 season and his numbers remained pretty much the same. Dallas was struggling at the time and they only managed to reach the playoffs in 2014.

His relationship with Jessica Simpson probably affected his private life, but we are not so sure when it comes to his career. For all we know, Tony Romo is a fantastic quarterback.