Tony Romo signed to try to qualify for the U.S. Open!


As you already know Tony Romo is retired and it seems that he is already enjoying and making the best of the situation he has. Apparently, he will try to have another swing at the championship, but this time it will be in Golf! Romo signed up for the U.S. Open, and he will be just one among 9.500 players who also entered the competition, and he will play 18 hole local qualifier on Monday at Split Rail Links and Golf Club about 30 minutes west of Fort Worth.

If Romo manages to qualify here, his next stop will be sectional qualifying on June 5 to get into the U.S. Open at Erin Hills in Wisconsin. Romo might have a chance at this, because, if you recall, this is not his first time qualifying. He also made it out of local qualifying in 2010, in a 36 hole sectional qualifier in which only two of the 35 players advanced, Romo opened with a 71 and withdrew in the afternoon after two weather delays. If Tony manages to pull this one to the end and win he will be second after Orville Moody who back in 1969 won the U.S. Open after going through local qualifying.


But before all this takes part, we should also inform you that Romo received some honors on Wednesday by the Texas Legislature, where they used the opportunity to praise his character and roots almost as much as all his football accomplishments. Former Cowboys’ QB appeared on Wednesday in the Texas House after which everybody stopped working so lawmakers could take photos with him. But this wasn’t all, Romo also appeared before the state Senate and State Sen. Don Huffines, who is a Dallas Republican, was one of many legislators to tweet photos of Romo’s appearance. Check it out!

State Rep. Richard Raymond, a Laredo Democrat, wore a Romo jersey, and state Rep. Jeff Leach, a Plano Republican, even put on a Cowboys helmet. It was a short and sweet spectacle over there. Tony, as you are aware, recently retired and went to pursue a career at CBS as a game analyst. He was backed up by many, and even Raymond said how he thinks that this guy will be a better TV commentator than any ex-player – with this he probably meant better than his fellow ex-Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman.