Top 10 2019 Used Forklift Companies

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When it comes to finding the right used forklift company to suit your business, many different vendors can get the job done. But what is the best one? In this list, we’re going to show you the top 10 2019 used forklift companies. When you’re looking for used forklifts for sale in Virginia, or nationwide, follow some of the guides in this list and see how we came up with our results.

1. Sun Equipment Inc.

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Sun Equipment Used Forklifts is by far in the number one spot. With numerous testimonials, and multiple positive reviews, as well as having the highest amount of inventory (if they don’t have it, they’ll even find and get the forklift you want), they have by far the most renowned customer service out there when it comes to buying and selling used forklifts (they even accept trade-ins).

2. Budget Lifts Inc.

Budget lifts Inc. has been around for a while and is ranked second in the leading industry for forklift sales. However, they don’t have very many reviews and have plenty of negative reviews to go along with their good ones.

3. M.D. Davis Inc.

Another of the top 5 in the Virginia area, A.M.D. Davis has good reviews, but not very many. They don’t have as large of an inventory as for Sun Equipment or Budget Lifts, but they have some decent equipment.

4. Allstate Equipment Co Inc.

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Allstate has some good quality fork trucks, but they have next to nothing when it comes to inventory. One good thing is that you can rent their forklifts and other equipment, and they are mainlined to handle multiple equipment requests other than forklifts as well.

5. Coastal Material handling

Coastal Material Handling doesn’t quite specialize in forklifts, but they do have a good handful of them available, as well as good reviews, despite their small inventory.

6. Homestead Materials Handling Corporation

With a large inventory of used forklifts, Homestead is a great place to shop for used forklifts in the area, but to find out a price you have to call their office.

7. Used Forklift Sales Corp.

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This company is rather small, and their website hasn’t been updated since 2011. While they have good reviews, they only have 1 forklift in stock.

8. B&B Forklift Service & Sales

Located in Florida, this forklift company has a ton of used fork trucks and are one of the most prominent competitors in our opinions to Sun Equipment. While they don’t make number 2 on the list (due to reviews, location and more), they are still a very good choice for finding used forklifts.

9. Forklifts of Omaha

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Forklifts of Omaha is one of Omaha’s leading forklift dealers, but they aren’t just limited to selling used items.

10. Atlanta Forklift Sales and Service

Atlanta Forklift Sales and Service is one of Atlanta, Georgia’s top suppliers, but they’re not only limited to used forklifts (they also have new ones in stock).


When it comes to sales and service, there are multiple companies as mentioned, but none outweigh both the online and word of mouth presence that is displayed and portrayed by Sun Equipment Inc. Most other forklift suppliers also don’t handle international needs as well as Sun either.