Top 10 Athletes That Became Very Famous Actors!


11Athletes That Became Very Famous Actors

As you probably know athletes are not just famous at what they do, they have for years now made shorter or longer appearances on TV Shows and in movies which turned out to have gladdened the audience as well as themselves. But as in sports, the roles in these TV Shows and movies have been smaller and bigger, the example for a larger role was Mike Tyson’s appearance in The Hangover, and the example of the smaller role is when LeBron James appeared in that one episode of Entourage.

Since being on the big or small screen is attractive, some of the athletes decided to follow up their famous sporting careers with big and small acting roles. This allowed them to bring something entirely different to the table than what audience has grown accustomed from them when they are on the court, the field, or even inside the ring. Here we have prepared a top 10 list of the athletes who managed to swap their sports career for the acting payday.