Top 10 Fastest Police Cars of America!

13US Police Cars

Each and every day all US citizens around the nation drive knowing that there is police nearby patrolling and ready to enforce the law if needed. Most of the police cars are similar to usual sedans and SUVs. But, there are some exceptions. Actually, there is a fine number of them. Police use special vehicles which feature specialized police equipment consisting of often tuned powertrain and many other gadgets and upgrades.

But there is no luck for us who aren’t involved in the law enforcement community because we can’t experience the performance capabilities of these specially prepared vehicles. I mean, you can go on and try to outrun a police car at high speeds and test them that, but we strongly advise you not to do that!

Well, thanks to the Michigan State Police we have a chance every year to see department’s Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and GM’s latest patrol vehicles. They make them available during a series of performance tests which include top speed test and acceleration test.

This year our friends from Michigan’s finest tested a total of 13 vehicles all of which are special editions of the Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Caprice, Dodge Charger, Ford Explorer and Ford Taurus production versions.

Two months ago the Michigan State Police revealed the preliminary results of those tests, and we can’t but notice how some figures are really impressive.

Here you can see a top 10 list we made for you according to their test results