Top 10 Songs About Love

Love inspires and gives wings: it is not surprising that a huge number of songs are dedicated to this wonderful feeling. Love songs will surely create the perfect intimate atmosphere, brighten up a romantic dinner, and help you win the heart of the girl you love. These songs can show up the brightest feelings for your loved one. They will help you delve into the romantic atmosphere, spend an unforgettable time with your loved one, remind the best romantic moments, and dream of the future together. Today we present you top 10 most romantic songs that are perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner with a loved one.

Eric Clapton – “Wonderful Tonight”

The song is about an exemplary date according to Eric Clapton. In this wonderful song of a rock musician, there is a dialogue between the singer and the lady of his heart. The light and unobtrusive melody will help you to relax and have a little mind-wandering.

Chris De Burgh — “The Lady In Red”

Are you going to wear a red dress for dinner? Then this song is exactly for you and your loved one. The romantic song tells the story of a dance with a pretty lady in a red dress. But even if the color of your dress does not match the song – do not be discouraged. The pleasant melody will make you forget about all the persistent problems.

Michael Bolton – “All For Love”

It is rare to find a song in which the word “love” is not identified with tears. If you are not in the deep blue sorrow, feel free to include this song in your playlist for a romantic dinner with a loved one. In this piece of music, it is said that love can overcome all obstacles in a journey through life.

Sting — “Shape Of My Heart”

The motive of this romantic song is familiar to absolutely everyone, but the meaning is not clear to everyone because of the difficulties of translation. In one of the interviews, Sting told that the main character of the song is a card player-philosopher who looks for his place in the world. Try to unravel the secrets of fate and the laws of chance together with Sting! The extremely touching melody of this love song will make you delve into the wonderful feeling of love and enjoy the company of each other.

Top 10 Songs about Love

Lara Fabian — “Meu Grande Amor”

This romantic song performed in the Portuguese language can touch the most secret chords of your soul. Lara Fabian’s unsurpassed voice will make your skin crawling. Are you intrigued? Then add this song to your playlist. It is a perfect complement to a candlelit dinner with a loved one.

Maroon 5 — “Secret”

Everyone has secrets, and even Maroon 5. But can musicians hide them from their beloved women? The answer is in the song. By the way, this love song has become the official soundtrack for the film Something Borrowed.

Adele — “Someone Like You”

This song became a hit and was remembered by the audience for its sincerity. The touching musical composition shows the power of love that Adele experiences for her loved one who has married another girl. Despite all the difficulties and disappointments, the singer declares that she will find a person who would be similar to her first love. Well, it only remains to envy her perseverance and determination! This song gives hope and helps to overcome the pain of a breakup.

Elvis Presley – “Love Me Tender”

In 1956, The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley made his debut as an actor in the movie Love Me Tender. And so, such a famous song of the same name was created for this film. An interesting fact, the song “Love Me Tender” is the first hit in the history of music which became “golden” even before the single appeared on sale. The gentle and extremely touching song allows you to express all those feelings for which you sometimes have no words or courage.

Alessandro Safina – “Luna Tu”

Do you like to look at the moon? Then you will like this song too! In her musical composition, Alessandro Safina appeals to the moon in the hope that it will understand all her thoughts. The singer calls the moon the silent god. Probably, it is difficult to find a song with more beautiful lyrics. This composition is definitely suitable for a romantic dinner.

Bon Jovi — “Thank You For Loving Me”

Do you want to thank your soul mate for love? Turn on this romantic song, and it will say everything for you. The ballad about the most multifaceted feeling will find its place in the heart of even the most inveterate pragmatists. It can help you give way to the most intimate feelings and make your romantic dinner unforgettable. Bon Jovi created a masterpiece that will last.