Top 10 Untapped Helpful Skateboard Tips For Beginners!

Skateboarding is known as a recreational activity or a kind of extreme sport. It has been popular with extreme sports enthusiasts and youngsters. According to a survey, most of the skateboarders are males who are under 18 years old. And, if you are a beginner, then you should follow the helpful beginner skateboards tips from website.

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1. Choose The Right Board

As a beginner, you should opt for a thick and heavy deck that has less curvature. This board is easier to keep control. When you get better, you can use a thin and concave deck. Besides, you should check the trucks of your board regularly. A well-fitted truck can help you turn easily, hence reducing the risk of falling. The length of the skateboard varies, and you should choose the board that is longer than a classic skateboard. It is more stable and easier to use for beginners. A beginner skateboard often costs between $50- $150. You should try some boards at a real skate-shop in order to find the right kinds of trucks and wheels for your skateboarding.

2. Make Yourself Comfortable With The Board

At first, you can place the board on a non-slippery surface and then try to jump or stand on it. When you are comfortable with the deck, you will learn some basics such as balancing on rear and front wheels and putting your feet in various positions. Then, you decide your skating style such as skating with the left foot forward, skating with the right foot forward, etc. Try out these skating styles, you will find one you feel more comfortable than the others. Besides, remember that you have to feel good when skateboarding. Instead of focusing your energy on the tricks and solutions, always feel good to help you feel comfortable when skating.

3. Push Like You Are Walking

In the initial days, you can fall from the skateboard while you push off, but you should relax and imagine that this looks like taking a normal step. Try to maintain balance and then push your foot as the way you walk. Keep control by making fewer powerful pushes instead of making lots of little paddles.

4. Overcome The Fear

All of us have fear when doing something outside our comfort zone and overcoming the fear of falling down can help you get better at skateboarding. There is not any way to completely get rid of that fear, but there are several ways to relieve it. And, a simple way is visualizing the trick again and again, and you will practice more confidently. Another way for overcoming your fear is being in your comfort zone. By practicing some easier tricks first before doing something advanced, you will have enough confidence to overcome the fear.

5. Suit Up Proper

When you are learning how to move on your skateboard, you may fall off the board. Therefore, you should get prepared with elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards in order to protect your joints. Also, you should wear a helmet to protect your head.

Other than that, you can wear whatever clothes that you are comfortable with. There is no dress code or uniform for skating. Just know that your clothes can get torn and dirty when landing, dress accordingly.

6. Be Careful While Riding

You can learn how to turn right and left by placing more of your weight into your skateboard heels. When you practice regularly, you can take sharper turns. Also, you need to learn to stop your skateboard. The safest way of stopping the board is foot braking that involves taking off your back foot and then grinding the foot onto the ground. You should not try any tricks before mastering the basics. When you are confident about the turns and twists, you can start with other tricks such as kickflip, ollie, etc.

7. Use Proper Shoes


When skateboarding, you should consider buying a pair of skate shoes that will provide optimum support and simultaneously enhance your performance. A good pair of skate shoes have large and flat bottoms that help you get a better grip. Besides, skate shoes also get reinforced side panels to reduce wear from tricks and get extra padding to protect your ankles.

8. Find Someone Who Can Teach You


You can consider finding someone who is good at skating to teach you. If you know nobody, you can ask somebody from the local park or a sports shop. Also, skating with your friends is also a great way. If you have some skater friends, you can get help and learn something from them. The fact is that learning from friends is better than learning on the internet or on your own.

9. Frequently Ask Skateboarding Questions

The “Skateboarding FAQ” is a great resource that gives the answers to skateboarding questions. The items here are certain things that lots of skateboarders have a hard time with. So, if you are a beginner, take a look at these questions, and you can learn something helpful. Also, you can see what problems others skateboarders have. Surely, this can help you improve your skills.

10. Watch More Experienced Skaters

In order to learn more tips and tricks, you need to watch some experienced skaters. It helps you learn their skating styles or other skills. If you know nobody, just talk to other skaters you see at the local skate park. They are often friendly and can share their skills with you. Also, you can watch a skating video in slow motion and focus on the foot movement.

If you have just started using the skateboard, and you are looking for ways to overcome your fear, you should follow the cool skateboard tips and tricks mentioned above that will help you improve your skills and impress your friends. Remember that the more you skate, the better skills you will have. Do not get discouraged because you fall down or fail a trick in the first or second try. Just need to practice and enjoy fun, and you will be better.