Top 10 wrestlers turned actors

11We bring you 10 wrestlers turned actors

Professional wrestlers by default are supposed to be born actors and the best ones in the world, which is actually what this top 10 list will verify in a bit. But before that there is something that every wrestling fan has to go through and that is the grueling “You know it’s fake, right?” question. Yes, we know, and that fake thing is just what makes these guys such good actors. Everything is staged, especially the outcomes but their athleticism and performances are real.

That exact thing is what helped wrestlers draw such deep emotions from us, the fans, both young and old, but sometimes despite that wrestlers have trouble crossing over to film and TV. When they manage to transition in one way or another, they are usually typecast into the “street tough/thug/bouncer/bad guy” role where is very difficult to make an impression. In this list, you will see 10 wrestlers who actually managed to change their career well and with great success. Here we go: