Top 3 Most Expensive NFL Franchises In 2017

It’s not easy being an owner of the NFL team. You need to make a lot of right moves and take a lot of risks in order to build a successful team both on the field and when it comes to profiting from owning a squad. There are a lot of franchises in the NFL that are worth more than billion dollars, but these three are the most expensive ones right now.

3) Washingon Redskins – Worth 2.85 billion dollars – The Redskins are located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and are the third most expensive franchise in the NFL. They were founded in Boston as the Boston Braves, but they made a move to Washington back in 1937. They are the winners of five NFL championships while three of those have come in the Super Bowl era. The biggest rival of this team is, of course, the Dallas Cowboys.

2) New England Patriots – Worth 3.2 billion dollars – New England Patriots are the most successful team in this millennium. Brady led this franchise to seven Super Bowl appearances in the past decade and a half while he won five of those. There is no doubt that their success is the big factor for an enormous price of this squad. Firstly, they were the Boston Patriots, but now they represent the whole region of New England.

1) Dallas Cowboys – Worth 4.0 billion dollars – Cowboys are not only the most expensive squad in the NFL, but they are the one with the highest value in all of the sports ahead of soccer teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. They are the winners of five Super Bowl titles and are one of the most popular teams on the planet. When you add their AT&T stadium that is alone worth over billion dollars, you have the most expensive franchise in the NFL today and for the foreseeable future.