Top 3 Most Likely Upsets in NFL Week 7

There are a lot of interesting matchups in Week 7 of the NFL. We are going to try and figure out which of the underdog teams this round could possibly upset favored rival. A lot of games have been played so far so now we know which squads are for real.

3. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS over Oakland Raiders – Oakland is a great offensive team, but their defense is just not on a level that it needs to be. Jags have a shot in this one, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they win this game and stun Oakland. Currently, Jacksonville crew stands at 2-3 score while Raiders are in a far better position with four wins and two losses.

2. NEW YORK JETS over Baltimore Ravens – John Harbaugh’s team is just not as good as they looked at the start of the season. They are not to be trusted at this point. Neither are the Jets, but in this matchup of two below average teams, anything can happen. Jets could easily win this game with Geno Smith at quarterback on their home turf. We just don’t trust the Baltimore Ravens even they are at 3:3 this year and their opponents in this game coming with a poor 1:5.

1. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS over Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This is the most likely upset of the week. Bucs are favored in this, yet another, game between two below average teams. Colin Kaepernick is back home so he will probably have much more confidence than on the road against the Bills and needs to step up and repair that dreadful 1:5 score. Niners are in great position to stun Tampa Bay at Levi Stadium, but we are sure that Bucs will be looking to add another victory and go 3:3 this season.