Top 3 Performances Of NFL’s Wild Card Weekend

The Wild Card Weekend has come and gone. We’ve seen some great moments in these four games and some great performances by the players around the NFL. Steelers ended up beating the ‘Fins, Seahawks eliminated the Lions, Packers passed all over Giants defense while the Texans easily handled banged up Raiders squad.

Let’s take a look at the best performances by the players during this Wild Card Weekend.

3) LE’VEON BELL, Pittsburgh SteelersLe’Veon Bell had a great day against the Miami Dolphins defense. He was given the ball 29 times during the game as the Steelers had the lead for most of it and he ran for 167 yards and two touchdowns. Brown also had a great outing, so that is why Bell got the ball that many times and ran for as much yards as he did. He is the best running back in the NFL no doubt.

2) THOMAS RAWLS, Seattle Seahawks – This team struggled with their running game all season long, but when it mattered the most, their running back delivered. Thomas Rawls had 27 carries for 161 yards and a touchdown. It was a bit unexpected from him, so that is why we are ranking him over Bell’s performance.

1) AARON RODGERS, Green Bay Packers – There is no doubt about the fact that Rodgers was sensational in the second half of the matchup with the Giants. He went 25/40 for the game as he was on his way to 362 passing yards and four touchdowns. He was throwing darts all over the field as he led his team to a blowout win in the second half.