Top 3 The Most Likely Upsets Of Week 3 In NFL

We always have our favorites to win the game, but sometimes the predictions are wrong. In some cases, we just get surprised by the outcome of matches. Last week it was that Rams gutsy win in LA over the Seattle Seahawks. But, which teams have the best shot to upset their favored rivals? Let’s find out.

3. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS over Baltimore Ravens – Yes, the Jags are not off to a great start of 2016 season. But, they aren’t as bad as they looked last week against the Chargers. On the other hand, even though Ravens have two wins, they are not a great team by any means. Jacksonville can pull this off on their home turf.

2. CINCINNATI BENGALS over Denver Broncos – Defending Super Bowl champions have won their first two duels at home, but it’s time for Trevor Siemain and his Broncos to hit the road. How will Denver’s rookie QB play in one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. The jungle will be roaring on Sunday and Bengals can very well upset the Broncos. Watch out for this game.

1. NEW YORK JETS over Kansas City Chiefs – This is the most likely upset of the week. Jets are a true Playoff contender. Yes, it’s tough to play at Arrowhead. Nobody has a good time there. But KC isn’t what they were last season. Jets are coming off a huge win in Week 2, and they had ten days to prepare for this game. It will be a tight contest. Chiefs are favored to win this game, but it could go either way. Expect a great match.