Top 3 Worst Teams In The NBA Right Now

There are a lot of bad teams in the NBA right now, just like every single year. We are already 30 games into the season, and we have a clear view of the squads that are already out of Playoff contention. Let’s see which teams are bringing up the rear of this NBA season.

3. BROOKLYN NETS – It appears that their decent start was just a fluke. Jeremy Lin went down early, and this team went down along with him. The worst thing about this Nets’ season is the fact that they have nothing to tank for. Celtics have the right to switch their pick with Brooklyn at the end of the year. That results in Celtics are likely getting another Top 3 Draft choice while the Nets will be stuck in the late first round.

2. DALLAS MAVERICKS – We knew that the Dallas Mavericks aren’t going to be all that great this season, but they are surprisingly bad. Their 2016/2017 season has been horrendous so far. Dirk was out to start the season, but that’s still isn’t the excuse for Mavs. There are some talented guys on that team, like Barnes and Matthews. It appears that it still isn’t enough for them to miss this list.

1. PHILADELPHIA 76SIXERS – This squad has the worst record so far. But, unlike the Nets, they have a lot of great talent, with Simmons also coming back. The problem for Philly is the fact that they have three talented centers on their roster and only one spot in the starting lineup. People are getting angry, and Philly needs to react as soon as possible. They probably won’t finish the season as the worst team in the NBA, but right now, this spot is rightfully theirs.