Top 5 Active Players Without An NBA Ring

There a lot of great players throughout NBA history that left a big mark on the game and in the league, but never won the NBA title. Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Karl Malone, and Allen Iverson are just a couple of names of the top of our head that have never won the title, even though they were great on the court.

5) Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks – Carmelo Anthony has been one of the best scorers that NBA had to offer in the past 13 years, but has been out of the first round just once. In 2013 he made it to the Conference Semifinals while he made his only trip to the Conference Finals in 2009 as a member of the Nuggets.

4) Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers – One of the best point guards that NBA had to offer in the past ten years and maybe even in NBA history. Still, he has never been to a Conference Finals. Maybe he needs another piece in LA in order to make his first trip to the finals.

3) Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder – He and Durant had a lot of chances to win the title but failed on a couple of occasions. They were even favored to win against the Heat in 2012, when Harden was still on the squad, but lost in five games. With Durant leaving the Thunder, Westbrook’s chances are looking pretty slim.

2) James Harden, Houston Rockets – Harden has made it to the finals with Durant and Westbrook, while he also made it to a Conference Finals without them. He is a gifted player that still has a lot of time to win the ring.

1) Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors – Durant left the OKC because he failed to win the ring for the nine consecutive years of falling short. He is way too great not to take the title in his career. Not wanting to stay in Oklahoma City and risk that, he went to the Warriors in order to put himself in the best position possible.