Top 5 Best-Looking Helmets In The NFL

In every sport, we have good looking jerseys, and everyone has their personal favorite. But what other sports don’t have are helmets. Well, football has them, and they have some great looking ones. Today we will rank top 5 best-looking helmets in the NFL. Which teams own them? Let’s find out.

5. PHILADEPHIA EAGLES – Their green helmets with those eagle wings just look beautiful on the heads of Philly players. Helmets not just with the logo of their team, but also with the symbol that represents the squad always look good, and Eagles have just that.

4. WASHINGTON REDSKINS – Terrific dark red color goes well with yellow face protector. Their logo on the helmet is just a perfect match for this color, and it looks amazing with their jerseys.

3. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – Color of their helmets goes very well with their uniforms. But the best thing about them is that Seahawk helmet from each side that just looks as dangerous as their team is. Just beautiful design.

2. DALLAS COWBOYS – This is an old school helmet. Cowboys are using this design for god knows how long and that star is their main symbol. This one just has to be in the Top 5. Iconic Cowboys stuff.

1. CINCINNATI BENGALS – This is the best helmet that NFL has to offer according to Consumer Epic. Great Bengal stripes are what makes them look fantastic, and that helmet is just the final touch on what is one of the best uniforms in the game. Great helmet design that is for sure.