Top 5 Best Looking NBA Jerseys

Merchandise is the big part of teams and players income during the season. When a player is good, people will buy his jersey. But, they also need to be good looking and smooth for fans to be attracted to them. Let’s see which squads have the best jerseys in the NBA right now.

5) Cleveland Cavaliers (navy-blue jerseys) – There is a reason why the Cavaliers almost always play in these jerseys in the Playoffs when they are away from home and not their standard brown outfit. These are just looking smooth.

4) Los Angeles Lakers (yellow jerseys) – Lakers are one of the best franchises throughout the history of the NBA. Their yellow jerseys are iconic and well-known in the world of sports. The longevity of those speaks about how good they are.

3) Toronto Raptors (red and black jerseys) – Toronto Raptors had re-designed their uniforms two years ago, and they have gotten great reviews. We can pick any of them for this list, but we are rolling with their away jerseys. Beautiful look.

2) Houston Rockets (black alternate jerseys) – Rockets introduced them this season, and they are looking pretty fly. Dominant black color with the combination of some red goes a long way, especially on this good design.


1) Boston Celtics (both white and green jerseys) – Perfect font on the front of the jersey and at the back, shamrock above players name and at the top of the shorts just fit perfectly on the best jerseys that NBA has to offer.