Top 5 Best Thailand VPN

Similar to many other countries in the world, Thailand has many Internet restrictions in place. According to Reporters Without Borders, the country ranks 130th out of 180 based on the freedom of Internet access. These strict laws affect both citizens and visitors, so one should take extra care when traveling to Thailand in order to comply with them.

This is the reason why many people in Thailand use VPN service. The government, known for corruption, is very strict when it comes to censorship and is merciless on cracking down on any dissent. This has led to many violent protests around the country in the past, with bloody clashes between the police and the army on one side and the protestors on the other.

In an effort to stop the opposition to organize rallies and gain support, the government has blocked as many as 110,000 sites on the Internet. One of the reasons for banning is a criticism of the Thai Royal family, which, according to Thai nationalists, is beyond reproach and sacred. Not everyone agrees with this, hence a large number of sites that deal with their wrong-doings and even ridicule them.

The government also uses every tool at their disposal to track and monitor opposition leaders, leading to some creative ways Thailand citizens use to avoid such measures. Looking for the best VPN for Thailand is the most popular one, and VPN are very popular in the country. To make matters even worse, due to political turmoil in the country, foreign governments are also listening in on Thai Internet traffic, fearing terrorism. Knowing all this, using VPN seems like the only choice when you are visiting the country. These are our suggestions for best VPN For Thailand, which can help you make your own decision on which one to use.

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The service ExpressVPN offers contains many useful features and is usually the first choice for many people. The connections are fast and they have a very helpful 24/7 support service that is usually very diligent.


VyprVPN is based in Switzerland and as such is a good choice for people trying to avoid a service that is under American jurisdiction. With more than 500 servers in some 140 countries, they are reliable and fast.


Torguard is another non-American service, based in Panama. This could be one of the best choices for people that are on a low budget as their prices start at $5 per month. Despite the low cost, their data is encrypted using AES-256 encryption, and the connections are very fast.

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Mostly used by tourists, PureVPN offers a 7-day back money guarantee. The service supports up to five devices, so if you are traveling with a family, this can be a solution for you.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA VPN) also allows up to 5 different connections at the same time, so it is a good solution for families. They don’t support as many countries like some other VPNs, just 24, but they do have over 3,400 servers, ensuring a fast and reliable connection.