Top 5 bike trailers 2018

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When it comes to biking together with your kids, bike trailers are the way to go. There are no balance or control issues since your child adds to the weight of the trailer itself, plus it has a much higher weight limit when compared to a standard bike seat for a child. These are also a very good investment because most of the bike trailers are convertible so you can use them as strollers for jogging. We’re going to show you the best bike trailers 2018:

Croozer premium Multisport Bike Child Trailer

This bike trailer is great for the outdoors since it allows you to carry two children at once. The Sylomer suspension is self-adjusting and in turn, give you and your kid a smooth ride. Like we’ve mentioned in the first paragraph most trailers are convertible, and this applies to this one too, you can convert it to a jogger and a stroller in a short amount of time. Some pros are that it has big tires which make it easier to move and it has a low center of gravity which gives it stability and balance. Some cons are that its handlebars can’t be adapted to a shorter or taller person and it’s a bit bigger than a normal jogging stroller.

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Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer

This trailer is completely built out of aluminum which makes it very light but at the same moment very protective if there’s a rollover. It is pretty roomy, your child has lots of legroom and enough storage space for some personal items. This one is another 3-in-1 trailer, so it’s best for people who are always on the move. The double lock it has brings an extra layer of security. It is EN/ASTM certified, very resistant and the reflective material it has makes it very visible. Some pros are that it’s very large, you can wash its seat cushions, and some cons are that the trailer harness can use some improvement, and sometimes the zipper heads get taken off, but it’s fixable.

Burley Kid’s Piccolo Bike

This is a 7-speed kids trailer cycle, which makes one of life’s lessons, learning to ride a bike, a bit easier and much safer. The children shouldn’t be under 4 and over 10 years of age, and over the weight of 85 pounds. It’s very lightweight because of its aluminum frame, which enables high performance and a solid ride overall. Its biggest pro is that it’s easily assembled but a big con is that it’s pretty pricey.

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Weehoo Turbo Bike Trailer

If your kid is over 2 and under 9 years of age and under 80 pounds, it’s definitely for him/her. The trailer weights a measly 26 pounds which makes it very lightweight while still having a 14-liter storage space. In this kind of trailers, the child gets to exercise too while helping you pedal, making this an effortless ride. It’s very easy to assemble and can be used on all kinds of terrains. It’s always in line with your bike because of its single wheel design.

A big pro of this trailer is that you get to ride your bike together with your child while a big con is that you need an Allen wrench to unmount or mount the trailer.

Premium Double Child Trailer

This trailer offers one of the most comfortable rides out of all we’ve mentioned so far and is the lightest convertible trailer, it weighs only 24 pounds. Converting is enabled by a two bike hitch, and is done with one quick lock. This makes the process of conversion very fast and simple. Your child’s neck is very safe because of support cushions inside the trailer, so sudden stops are a non-danger.

Pros are that its ventilation system is great, it’s very portable since it folds nicely, lots of space with lots of legroom, optional backrest pads make your kid able to have a helmet on at all times. Cons are that has no protection against the Sun, smaller kids are going to have issues getting in because of its tall entry, and it has lots of small parts that can get lost.