Top 5 Free Antivirus Programs To Protect your PC 

Once you open your laptop or mobile gadget, you become exposed to various threats coming in the form of viruses, malware, phishing, and other germs. Your network or social media account might be hacked, your data will leak, and you’ll definitely have several nervous days.

Fortunately, it is possible to prevent most of these issues using antivirus software. The good news is that you won’t even have to pay for it because several market leaders offer free plans. If you’re not an intelligence agent, the level of free antivirus protection will be sufficient for your computer. You can also speak to experts like Geeks Callout for more help and advice.

1. Avast

Highly rated by the users and appreciated by the independent laboratories, Avast is a great free solution. It ensures a high level of protection for your PC and comes with several useful features.

Avast will protect you against malware and spyware, keeping your files and other digital data in safety. In a free version, you will also get some excellent features like the Network Security Inspector, the Password Manager, and the clean-up tool to get rid of all the infections from your PC. Therefore, you will have more control over the processes going inside your device without overloading the hardware.

Avast free version does not bother users with hourly pop-ups and notifications. The antivirus software runs almost invisibly and allows your computer to perform at the highest level.

2. Avira Free Antivirus


Avira deserves one of the leading positions in the sector of free antivirus software because it brings the users ultimate opportunities for safety and security without purchase. Avira demonstrates the highest protection rates when dealing with Trojans, spyware, and adware. What is more, the scanner implemented in the software checks your applications for malicious code that might be threatening for your device.

Some of the exciting features Avira comes with are Personal Firewall, Browser Extensions, Password Manager, and VPN service. These tools are essential to ensure secure online activities and prevent you from getting malware while surfing the Internet.

Also, Avira is generous in protecting all of your devices because the software is compatible not only with Windows or macOS but also with the smart phone systems of iOS and Android.

 3. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender is powerful software that makes average users forget about any virus-related troubles. The high rates of detection and the sophisticated combination of protocols leaves no chance for your device to be infected.

Just like Avira, Bitdefender comes with the Personal Firewall and is available free for Windows, macOS, and Android (but not available for iOS though). What makes the difference of Bitdefender is Behavioral Analysis that represents the usage of complicated algorithms to provide your device with security and safety. The software manages to analyze your regular behavior, and therefore, it will quickly detect if your device goes the wrong way. So, Bitdefender provides essential protection against hacker’s attacks.

4. Total AV

Total AV is the new player on the market of the antivirus software, and it’s likely to become a hit! Users who aspire to have an ultimate protection tool for their devices should definitely try this software. Total AV is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, so you can enjoy simple use of program having any combination of devices.

Developing the new product, the creators of Total AV focused on delivering essential protection to users. That’s why Total AV does not obtain some sophisticated features but works on keeping your devices safe from the most common threats. Total AV is prominent for its high detection rate and very smooth work that does not bother you from completing your tasks. If you are not into setting up your software and don’t need such tools as parental control or VPN, then Total AV is a great free solution for you.

 5. Norton Antivirus by Symantec


Norton continues the idea of simple in use and compatible with all systems antivirus software. But unlike Total AV, Norton is available for free only for the 30-day trial, and then you will have to decide whether you want to use it or not. Anyway, you should try Norton on your device because it provides some impressive features additionally to solid core security.

Norton is light for your hardware and is highly accurate in detecting and blocking some suspicious software on your device. Also, it comes with the Password Manager that allows you to increase your privacy and keep calm when managing a variety of accounts on different platforms. As a bonus, Norton obtains well-designed and intuitively accessible dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Finding good free antivirus software is not an easy task when there are so many excellent solutions available on the market. Here we introduced the most reliable and handy programs for you but for an extensive review of the free antivirus software you are welcome to check best antivirus software reviews here