Top 5 Free Racing Games to Play From your Browser

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Did you know that millions of people all around the world are playing games right now? Every one of us plays a game in the free time, at home, at work, and you can find on Internet numerous games you could play from your browser. You do not have to have special skills for the browser games and you do not need a special requirement or host to play these types of games. 

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Free racing games is the perfect way to kill some time when you are bored. Sometimes those racing games are not all about the race, you get to the destination, many obstacles, and you must pay attention not to harm your vehicle. For all the good things you do, or properly park your car you will get the rewards. 

If you do not want to drive a car, there are numerous racing games with bikes, boats, buses, trucks, and many other vehicles. You can choose racing games through desolate streets or busy racing tracks, whatever you like. Those games are different, your goal can be finishing race at the best place, or you can explore the area with your vehicle. There are even games where you perform freestyle stunts or transporting some kind of cargo. The racing games with cars are the most popular, and you can pick one from a wide range of different types of cars. 

If you want to find out which are the top 5 free racing games at the moment just continue reading.

  • Derby Crash 2

This is a popular 3D driving game, the next sequel of the amazing Derby Crash. In this game, you have countless new destruction derby cars and monster trucks to release damage and chaos in the world.

  • Motor Wars 2 

This is a multiplayer game where you can play and take to the battlefield with the players all around the world. The best in this game is 3D graphics, smart gameplay and strong fights between vehicles. The goal of the game is to defeat the enemy and captured his flag. 

  • Madalin Stunt Cars 2

This is a stunning 3D driving game which you can choose from 34 racing cars, and you can play alone or in multiplayer mode. 

  • SplatPed 2 

This is the new sequel of the SplatPed, a fantastic 3D driving game. You can choose which car you want to drive from the collection of brand-new cars. In this game, you can also perform stunts. 

  • Endless Truck

This is one of the most amazing driving games which you can play from your browser, with a different mission on each level, and when you collect the money you will upgrade your vehicle. If you want to perform stunts you will get extra money, and for the perfect landing, you will get a huge speed boost.