Top 5 Mac Viruses

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Despite all the efforts from people who work at Apple, there is some malware that can be pretty dangerous for your Mac. But, before you start to panic, they are pretty uncommon, and you will rarely stumble upon them. Just remember, every time you hear about some dangerous viruses out there, remember that Mac has a way better security than Windows and other types of operating systems. Mac has several levels of security, and viruses are rarely penetreting all of them and infecting your system. So, as you see, regular viruses are not a threat to your Mac. We are going to list the five most dangerous Mac viruses for you. Buckle up and let`s go.

Mac Cleanup Pro

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Mac Cleanup Pro is an unwanted app that is covered as an optimizer for your system, and after you install it, the app will claim that you have several problems on your system and that program detected them. If you click on resolving these problems, the software will ask you for buying a full version of the program. This type of malware comes bundled with some software that you download from the Internet for free, according to Macsecurity. Most likely, it will be installed without your consent. You should be careful what you download and install on your Mac, most definitely.


CookieMiner is a malware that is “mining” cyber currency using the power of your computer. It was discovered in January 2019. It also looks for login information of cyber wallet of its victims, enter it, and transfer all the money to the unknown location. It can even enter the iTunes backups and messages, and use the information for entering the cryptocurrency wallet.

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Mac Auto Fixer

In the middle of last year, Mac users were concerned because some popups started to display on their screens. That was Mac Auto Fixer. This is not your classic malware, it is more like a potentially unwanted program. It will use your system, and the software installed on it, and start piggybacking on them.

Crossrider (OSX/Shlayer)

In 2018, Mac owners were warned about adware that is infecting their system by posing as an adobe flash player installation. It was identified as a Crossrider, a newer version of OSX/Shlayer. Instead of installing adobe flash player, it will drop a software called Advanced Mac Cleaner. Even after you uninstall this software, some of its elements will remain in your systems, and they can cause some problems with the browser and other types of software.

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Meltdown and Spectre

Last year, Apple confirmed that iPads, iPhones, and Macs are in danger of being infected by certain malware. In fact, this malware was not one, there were two of them. Meltdown and Spectre are their names. They are allowing hackers to steal all the needed data from your Mac. Meltdown bug would enable a hacker to process to read kernel memory. Spectre can work both as branch target injection and bounds check bypass. Depending on a situation, it can make some unwanted items in the kernel memory. They can be exploited in JavaScript which is running on a browser.