Top 5 Matches That Defined The Rock’s WWE Career


6Five Matches That Pushed The Rock to Stardom

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, or as the most people know him in WWE, The Rock, was a part of the company from 1996 to 2003. After that, he had appearances on the show, but only on the most significant events such as Wrestlemania or Survivor Series. Unfortunately for most wrestling fans, in recent years he became entirely dedicated to his acting career and has no time for wrestling. Regardless of this, when Wrestlemania approaches, The Rock gets mentioned a lot.

Everyone wants to see People’s Champ at least one more time. The most electrifying man in entertainment earned this title with his flashy style of wrestling and his mic skills. The latter one is unparalleled to this day.

Wrestlemania is being held in New Orleans this year on April 8th, and people would kill for a ticket if they would know that Brahman Bull is going to participate. But, for now, it’s not known whether will he make an appearance. Even if he’s not, there’s no grudge as he left an untouchable legacy behind him. In order to praise his astonishing career here are top five matches that propelled The Rock to the summit of wrestling.