Top 5 New Developments in Tucson in Solar Panels

The USA has witnessed Solar boom since 2016, as the solar installations grew by 95 percent. This is 2018, and the trend continues. The best part is Tucson that was an active contributor in this Solar boom. Solar Installations in Tucson are available at a much lower cost, which is said to be one of the main reasons behind the solar boom in Tucson. It might not be wrong to say that, Tucson is gradually developing itself into a solar city. Another key reason is a residential solar tax credit in Arizona, which acts as an incentive to those residents who opt for solar power installations in Tucson or to be precise in the state of Arizona. As Tucson becomes a hotbed for solar power installations, it has developed a huge market for solar equipment. This includes the solar panels.

The residents of Tucson are the ultimate beneficiary, as the get solar equipment at a much lower cost. Today, the average cost of the solar panels in Tucson stands at $ 2.80 per watt, which is extremely cheap and affordable. Considering this cost, a consumer might pay around $12000 for solar equipment before the tax credit. The ITC (Investment Tax Credit) discount will be 30 percent of the total system cost. On top of that, you are supposed to get the solar tax credit, that is meant for the residents of Arizona. Again, the cost is less and justifies why you should opt for solar panels in Tucson. Tucson’s solar market definitely shines when compared to America. So, keeping these discounts in mind one can purchase a 12 KW solar system with an effective price of $21,728. Yes, it has become that cheap in Arizona. The same piece of equipment would have cost more than $30,000 in 2016. So, you can see how the solar market in Tucson has improved.

Cost is not the only factor, which makes it a hotbed of solar panels. Tucson is located in Arizona, which gets bountiful of sunlight throughout the year. Moreover, the state of Arizona is regulated by RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard). As per RPS, a certain part of the power supply needs to be sourced from renewable energy. This is one of the key reasons, why solar power is getting promoted in Tucson. Arizona has set a target of 15 percent renewables by 2025, and that is why it is offering the tax sops to those consumers who opt for solar power. As a consumer, you should hurry up, as these tax credit schemes have been implemented just to promote solar energy. They are not permanent and is quite possible that it might be withdrawn at some point in time. We don’t know when that time is going to come, it can be in a few months or a few years. So, take a wise decision today and invest in Solar Tucson.

If you think that the Tax credits and lower cost are the only reasons to opt for solar power, you are absolutely wrong. Over the years Tucson has seen a steep rise in electricity tariffs. With these high tariffs, your electricity bills are going to burn your pocket. On the contrary solar installation in Tucson, not only allows you to buy the equipment at a lower upfront cost but also guarantees a healthy return at a longer term. Now, most of this equipment comes with AMC, which means that even the maintenance cost is going to be less. Hence, save yourself from rising electricity tariffs by installing solar panels. So, get the best quotes today, and select your installation partner. Remember, that the biggest installer in Tucson might not give you the best price.