Top 5 NFL Franchises With Most Super Bowl Appearances

We are in the month of January right now. It’s the most important period of the year for NFL teams and their fans. This is the time of the year in which the legends of the NFL are made and born. Only a couple of games is separating teams from their ultimate goal. Let’s see which franchises have reached the Super Bowl most.

5) San Francisco 49ers – 6 times (Record: 5-1) – Niners are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL history. Joe Montana is arguably the best quarterback that has ever played the game and has won four rings with the Niners. Steve Young is the one that brought them their last title back in 1994 while their sixth and final Super Bowl appearance happened back in 2012.

4) Denver Broncos – 8 times (Record: 3-5) – Broncos are still the defending Super Bowl champions. They have lost one back in 2013 but were able to win the Lombardi Trophy just two years after their huge loss to the Seahawks. John Elway won two titles as the quarterback of the Broncos in the 90s.

3) New England Patriots – 8 times (Record: 4-4) – Pats have won all of their titles with Tom Brady as their quarterback. They have made it to the Super Bowl two times before he arrived in New England, while they have been to the biggest game of the year six times with him. Lost two duels to the Giants, but won the title back in 2014.

2) Dallas Cowboys – 8 times (Record: 5-3) – Cowboys have won three titles back in the 90s with their famous triplets, but have failed to make it to the Super Bowl ever since they won their last Lombardi Trophy back in 1995 with Aikman, Irvin, and Smith.

1) Pittsburgh Steelers – 8 times (Record: 6-2) – Steelers are the team that has the most Super Bowl trophies in the NFL history. They have won six of them in eight tries. Two with Terry Bradshaw leading the way with that “Steel Curtain,” while Big Ben Roethlisberger led them to two titles and three Super Bowl appearances in the 2000s.