Top 5 NFL’s Biggest Stadiums

We all probably know which stadium in the NFL is the biggest one, but there are also a Lot of great places in the NFL to play football besides that obvious number one play pin. Minnesota has a new stadium that just looks gorgeous, but is it one of the biggest ones in the NFL. Let’s rank them.

5. MERCEDES-BENZ SUPERDOME – It’s the home of the New Orleans Saints and the home of the Super Bowl XLVII, a game between the Ravens and 49ers. The capacity of this stadium is 76,468, and it was opened back in 1975.

4. FEDEX FIELD – Home of the Washington Redskins. Always one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL, and one of the biggest as well. Capacity is 79,000 for this gem that was opened back in 1997.

3. LAMBEAU FIELD – The legendary stadium of the Green Bay Packers is the third biggest in the NFL. Opened back in 1957 with the capacity of 81,435.

2. METLIFE STADIUM – New York has the biggest stadium in the NFL, but there is one more that can pack even more people than this beauty that was opened in 2010 with the capacity of 82,556.

1. AT&T STADIUM – Even though the official capacity of this one is 80,000, it can pack over 100,000 people when you include the additional seats that are always available to the Dallas Cowboys. This stadium that was opened back in 2009 is also the most expensive stadium in the NFL with 1.3 billion dollars spent on making it.