Top 5 Point Guards In The NBA

We are now in the era of the Point Guards. NBA’s big men era is over and there is no stronger position in the NBA than the position of the primary ball handler. There are a lot of great Point Guards in the NBA, but there are just so many places in the Top 5, so not everybody can make it.

Honorable mentions are going to Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, and Kyle Lowry. With that being said, here are the Top 5.

5) DAMIAN LILLARD – A lot of people don’t realize just how good this guy really is. He can score almost just like Steph Curry, but he also has some bad games in which he fails to contribute. That has a lot to do with the fact that he needs to carry the load for the Blazers. This man is one of the best regardless.


4) KYRIE IRVING – Cavaliers PG is one of the best scorers in the NBA and he can turn it on whenever his team needs him to. He proved that on the biggest stage of basketball, in the Finals, and that is why he is number four on our list.

3) RUSSELL WESTBROOK – Walking triple-double and a beast himself, Russell Westbrook is a great PG that is capable of doing anything that you need on the basketball court. It’s hard to imagine that two PGs are actually a little bit better than Russell. This man is amazing.

2) STEPHEN CURRY– One of the best shooters of all time is the second best Point Guard in the NBA. He is the one the best scorers in the NBA. To some people, he is the best, but there is one more guy that is just a bit better all around Point Guard

1) CHRIS PAUL – CP3 is usually the best and tops every Point Guard list. He is still the ultimate floor general that you want on the floor. He is the best all around Point Guard and a guy that you want to have leading your team.