Top 5 Quarterbacks In The NFL During Week 2

Some QBs that had a tough day in Week 1 flipped the switch and just balled on Sunday. But, there are some players that were good last week, and they just continued to play at a high level. Let’s see which signal callers have been just spectacular in this Week 2.

5. Phillip Rivers – Chargers have suffered a heart-breaking loss in Week 1. They needed to step up and win this game against the Jags on their home turf. Rivers led the way with 220 passing yards, four touchdown passes, and no picks. Great day for him and his team. It was a good day to be a Chargers’ fan.

4. Tyrod Taylor – Bills’ did lose on Thursday, but Taylor bounced back after that horrible performance against the Ravens. He was able to throw for 297 yards and 3 Touchdowns with only 1 INT. Even though he lost the game, Tyrod has shown that he is capable of playing like he did last season.

3. Matt Ryan – What a victory for the Falcons. They have forgotten all about their home loss to the Bucs and left the Black Hole as winners. Their signal caller led the way as he completed 26 of his 34 passes for 396 yards and 3 TDs with only 1 INT. Have a day, Matt Ryan.

2. Jimmy Garoppolo – This man really looked like the second coming of Tom Brady on a Sunday Afternoon. He was able to throw for 234 yards and three scores with no interceptions. And that was only in the first half before he got injured at the end of it. Imagine his numbers if he played the whole game. And yes, Patriots had the 21:0 lead with him behind center.

1. Cam Newton – Reigning NFL MVP showed us why he won it last season with this beautiful performance against the 49ers at home. He forgot all about their loss to the Broncos, and now Carolina is back winning games. Cam had a great day with 353 passing yards, 37 rushing yards, 4 Touchdowns and only one pick. Terrific outing for Newton. The best of all QBs in Week 2.