Top 5 Small Forwards In The NBA In 2016/2017

Out of all positions on the court, the small forward spot demands from a player to have a good all-around skill set the most. Small forwards are usually those guys that have to play a little bit of everything. Score some points, grab some boards and play some defense. Here are the guys that do it the best in the NBA.

5) PAUL GEORGE, Indiana Pacers – Yes, Indiana Pacers are not having a good year so far. Still, Paul George is an elite player in the NBA and should be able to step up and carry this team to the postseason. Both defense and offense, this man does it well. At least he did in the past. The jury is still out on 2016/2017 Paul George.

4) GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO, Milwaukee Bucks – Greek Freak is the rising star in the NBA. He is averaging 22,8 PPG to go along with his 8,5 RPG and 6,2 APG. Steals and blocks are there too. He is leading the league in points in the paint and that says a lot about his ability to get to the hole. This man is probably just a year away from being a legit superstar in the NBA.

3) KAWHI LEONARD, San Antonio Spurs – When a player of this magnitude finishes at three, you know that this list is a tough one to make. Spurs’ wingman is the best defender in the NBA with a much improved offensive game. His shot is pretty reliable now, and he knows how to create a favorable position for himself and put the ball in the hole. The sky is the limit for this guy.

2) KEVIN DURANT, Golden State Warriors – This man decided to play for the Warriors for one reason. He wants to win the championship and Warriors give him the best chance to do just that. He is shooting over 56% from the field. The ball is moving in Oakland, and Durant loves it for sure. An elite scorer like him has no problem in thriving in this Golden State Warriors system. It seems that he is averaging that 27,7 PPG with ease.

1) LEBRON JAMES, Cleveland Cavaliers – The King is cruising in this regular season. He knows that he needs to preserve his energy for the postseason and upcoming challenges. Still, he is the best player in the NBA and for sure the best SF in the game. He has been the best for a long time now, but his time is slowly passing. These other guys that are behind on this list are knocking on his door. As of right now, there is still no player quite like King James.