Top Three Prospects For Every Position On Offense In The NFL Draft

For most teams in NFL, it is that time of the year when they are thinking about the next season and more importantly about new players that they will be adding in offseason. It is a great way to improve your squad and we have the list of guys that could come to the league and make an impact.

Quarterback – The most important position in the game is the quarterback. There are some teams like 49ers, Jaguars or Texans that will be looking at signal caller and these are the guys that they will be looking at.

1) DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame

2) Deshaun Watson, Clemson

3) Mitch Ttrubisky, North Carolina

Running Back – According to some theories, good running backs only last three years and they are usually not taken with high draft picks. Still, here are the best available for teams like the Giants, Packers or Eagles.

1) Leonard Fournette, LSU

2) Dalvin Cook, Florida State

3) Christian McCaffrey, Stanford

Wide Receivers – These are your big playmakers that you need to have on the team. There were a lot of talented guys that came out of the Draft in the past couple of years. Eagles and Browns do need some big-time additions on this position.

1) Mike Williams, Clemson

2) John Ross, Washington

3) Corey Davis, Western Michigan

Tight Ends – You need a guy that can block, while you also need a guy that can catch the ball. You need to be brave to spend your high draft pick on a tight end, but you can get rewarded with a player that is a miss match for every defense.

1) O.J. Howard, Alabama

2) Jake Butt, Michigan

3) David Njoku, Miami

Offensive Tackles – People say that there aren’t many good tackles in this draft, but still, some teams might take a look at their offensive line and decide that they need to boost it as soon as possible. These are the names that they will be looking for.

1) Cam Robinson, Alabama

2) Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin

3) Roderick Johnson, Florida State

Offensive Guards/Centers – There are some players at this position that can step in from day one and be the starters in the NFL. These guys can block, and some people will follow the pattern that Dallas has taken and will select one of these guys with their high draft picks.

1) Dan Feeney, Indiana

2) Ethan Pocic, LSU

3) Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky