Top Three Prospects On Defense In NFL Draft

The draft is coming close, and all teams need to do their homework and see where they can improve most with players that will be offered. This is the ideal position for many to improve their roster in offseason. Here are the players that can give a high level of performance on defense.

Defensive ends – good defensive ends can be the game changers that every team needs on defense. Rushing the passer is what you always want, and the best way to get the guy that is going to do that for your squad is through the draft. Garrett is the best in the class, followed by some good DE prospects.

1) Myles Garrett, Texans A&M

2) Jonathan Allen, Alabama

3) Derek Barnett, Tennessee

Defensive tackles – size, power, and strength are what you want in a defensive tackle. There are a lot of guys that can fill the void for a team, like McDowell, but these three are the best in the Draft.

1) Malik McDowell, Michigan State

2) Chris Wormley, Michigan

3) Caleb Brantley, Florida

Outside linebackers – NFL teams are using now more hybrid schemes, so outside linebackers now need to be versatile defenders capable of rushing off the edge or dropping into coverage. Williams is the best off the edge.

1) Tim Williams, Alabama

2) Takkarist McKinley, UCLA

3) ZachCunningham, Vanderbilt

Inside linebacker – Inside linebackers need to be aware of what is happening at the line of scrimmage, they need exceptional instincts, communicational skills combined with athletic ability.

1) Reuben Foster, Alabama

1) Raekwon McMillan, Ohio State

3) Jarrad Davis, Florida

Cornerbacks – These guys are the ones that are supposed to shut down the opposing wide receiver. They might be the best of covering man-to-man, or inside of a scheme, but here are the best that this Draft has to offer.

1) Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State

2) Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

3) Sidney Jones, Washington

Safeties – People are pretty excited about the 2017 safety class in the NFL scouting community. These players need to have their eyes on every segment of the game, at every position and provide help whenever it’s needed. They also need to have good ball skills as they often need to make a play on the ball.

1) Malik Hooker, Ohio State

2) Jamal Adams, LSU

3) Jabrill Peppers, Michigan