Top 3 Wide Receivers In The NFL

After the 2016 NFL Playoffs, we have to take a look at the best wideouts that NFL currently has and maybe even change our picks for the best wide receivers that this league has to offer. There are a lot of good players at that position, but the top three guys are clearly ahead of everybody.

Honorable mention: AJ Green – Great route runner and a big target for Andy Dalton, this man can be a difference-maker on any given night.

3. Odell Beckham Jr, New York Giants – The talent on this guy is off the charts. Odell has the greatest hands in the NFL, can make almost every catch there is. That is why it is a bit surprising that we have seen him drop some balls in the game against the Packers. Usually, he makes those with ease. His biggest weakness is his off the field stuff that he does and the antics that make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The talent is there, he just has to get this head and act straight.

2. Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers – Even though the Patriots didn’t shut him down as he did have seven catches for 77 yards, the speedster wasn’t really a factor in the AFC Championship duel. Still, his playmaking is off the charts, his running after the catch is right up there with Odell as the best in the NFL. This man just does it all on the field. His size can sometimes limit him.

1. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons – After the regular season and the postseason that this man has had, you can’t leave him off this list. He is a big target, that can just go up there and make a play when Falcons run out of the options. Julio is also a good route runner that is pretty quick for his size. You don’t hear about his off-field antics and problems because he keeps it clean and is focused on the game only. That’s why he is the best in the NFL right now.