Touch Titans Group Summons Tesla Motors Model S with Their Minds

Touch Titans Tesla Model S

Touch Titans people have gone a step further interns of technology and are now able to summon a car to come to you using their minds.

Yes! Their minds. This comes as a huge leap for Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S owners, whose previous biggest thing they could do with their car was to make it slide out of a tight parking space, by simply holding the key fob in their hands. The people at Touch Titans have gone a step further and made driving Tesla Model S much cooler.

Mind control is something that people really like, and most tech people have just thrown the world around a bit even where it does not apply. Simply taking brain waves which are in turn converted into a computer code which is able to interpret and execute some instructions and calling it mind control is a bit over the board but the guys at Touch Titans deserve recognition. They had to find a way into the Tesla Model S mind thus allowing them to gain the ability to control the car as they did. The easiest way for them was to use the official Tesla app which allows control over various functions of the car.

The smartphone application has many features which involve heating or cooling the vehicle using a remote, locking and unlocking your car from anywhere in the world. It can also use GPS which allows a user to their car and track its movements on a map.

Touch Titans used something which was more visually striking to be able to play with the mind of the Tesla Model S. The group used the Summoning function. Through the use of a laptop and headset, one man demonstrates the mind blowing experiment by making the Model S move backward and then forward.

The Summon feature is one of the best things about Tesla cars at the moment and coupled with the Touch Titans Emotiv Insight, the final results are awesome. This shows how Touch Titans used the brain activity allowing them to activate the Summon feature.