2 Toughest Online Casino Games to Learn


We all remember how confused we were as kids when we couldn’t grasp and win the board game our friends or family played in front of us. We were tormented by complicated rules, we often felt dumb, and asked how come we can’t figure it out easily.

Our friends laughed at us, the adults teased us, and in the end we somehow managed to get it and got involved in the game. Now that we’re adults, it’s not much easier though, only the games we play have changed.

In contrast to the board games, as adults, we are more interested in casino or sports betting. However, we are still trying to understand the rules of the game. The casino games have always been very exciting, due to the curiosity they produce in us and the adrenaline they provide while we wait to see what that miraculous slot machine will give us.

In this article, we will try to help you not feel confused as a player and we will discuss some of the most difficult casino games to play. However, it is important to note that we will be talking about online casino games in particular.

Let’s start with the most difficult and probably the most popular one.

1. BlackJack


If you want to play this game online, you will need a bit of luck and a lot of skill. When you start, you will get the basic Blackjack strategy table to help you decide your next move after you get two starting cards and see the dealer’s starting card. When you get a little more confident, you can play more independently as you will definitely upgrade your knowledge about all the strategies this game has to offer.

BlackJack is the classic of the card games, but it’s not as old as some of the most famous ones, like poker. To put it simple, all you do is play against the dealer, draw random cards until one of you turns 21 or fails. All the major internet casinos offer blackjack. You can start your first online game today if you click here. This great website also offers other games as well, such as poker, roulette, jackpot and similar.


As for the BlackJack game in particular, there are many strategies you can follow through the game, and on the site we mentioned above you can find some of them. We will go through one of them here that we think would be the easiest for you to master. The easiest or simplest strategy for blackjack involves several different key components. You can go into these components in more detail, but this game can be well perfected even if you don’t learn strategies that are particularly complex.

The basic strategy in blackjack requires you to know exactly which move to play in a given situation. Although it is called a “basic” strategy, it is quite complicated to perfect, especially because it is different for each individual type of blackjack. Therefore, we will try to clarify some basics to provide players with a solid starting strategy that they can work on and adapt to suit almost any type of game.

To use the following suggestions, you need to know one thing – we’ll refer to “strong” dealer face-up cards as being a 7 through A, and we’ll refer to “weak” dealer face-up cards as being 2 through 6. This distinction is important because weak dealer cards are more likely to cause the dealer go bust.

This basic technique we are talking about is called Paired hands. We mention this technique because it will help you better share in blackjack. Generally speaking, you should always divide aces and eights and you should never divide fours, fives or tens. With all the other combinations (twos, threes, sixes, sevens and nines), you should only split if you’re facing a weak dealer face-up card. If you don’t split, then you will just play the hand as if it’s a regular hard hand. You can find the hard hand at the link above.

2. Craps


Do you remember those scenes from the movies with a horde of people gathered around the table cheering for a player who, for better luck, blows the dice before he rolls the numbers that make the audience shout in delight. Well, in reality, it doesn’t go that way really. Especially not if you play it online.

Attention is on a so-called “shooter” who rolls the dice and then he or she guesses what it will happen. The name of the most common bet is the ‘passline bet’ and you have a high chance to be successful. There are two possible outcomes.

  • 7 and 11 – You Win
  • 2, 3, 12 – You Lose

If the shooter rolls a 7 before the number of the marker in the next round – you lose.

And now a bit of theory that has nothing to do with the online version of this game in particular, but we think is interesting to know regardless. According to a controversial theory, players can lead this game by the way they roll the dice, which practically means that the game is no longer a game of chance. This incorporates throwing the dice and the right-angle grip, which puts the game in favor of the player, not the house.


Chris Pavlicki wrote a book on the subject; in the book, he tries to explain the science and mathematics behind the theory. In order to gain control over the dice, the shooter tries to limit the rotational characteristics of the dice, if they do so successfully, the probability of the dice remaining on the same axis is significantly increased.

However, experiments were conducted on the topic of dice control and did not achieve the results that Pavlicki has stated. So, if you are in doubt whether to play it online (maybe you yourself believe that there is something in this theory and you are worried that you will not have the ability to physically roll the dice), do not be afraid to try Pavlicki’s tips.

BlackJack and Craps do require some time to master and you will probably go through different stages. From sheer luck and beginner’s enthusiasm to some serious rethinking of your moves and strategies. However, don’t get discouraged – practice makes perfect! We wish you luck!