Treasure Quest: Snake Island – Season 3 renewal update – still no gold!


For those of you who do not know, Treasure Quest Snake Island is a reality television series from MAK Pictures made for the Discovery Channel. The show revolves around the search for the legendary Incan treasure also known, by the way, as the Treasure of the Trinity throughout South America. It is being explored by a crew of treasure hunters, and they are led by Cork Graham.

If you recall the Season 2 of the series ended with explorers leaving the Snake Island and trying to discover the treasure in the dangerous Peruvian jungle which was so treacherous and rugged that it pushed Jeremy Whalen and his entire crew of adventurers to their limits as they went deep into the belly of the jungle. Unfortunately, that extra effort and torture have not brought in anything big, as far as gold is concerned, they only managed to find a small trace enough to keep them looking for more.


That they are relentless and that they will not give up that easily shows the fact that the crew searched various locations nearby Paraguay and Argentina, and for the first time they managed to enter a long-deserted Guarani village along the bank of the Paraguay River in Paraguay. That this search isn’t going to be that easy, we saw when our gold hunters came across various dangers including poisonous snakes, highway bandits, rival treasure hunters, and jealous locals. But this show is more than just pure gold hunting, here every individual had to go an extra mile to learn the importance of teamwork in order to survive the harsh environment, and God knows how many dangers so far. The show made us see the mix of good times, bad times as well as a mix of danger, intrigue, and suspense.

But after all this it is time for some, well relatively, bad news. The fact is that the show did not receive high ratings from viewers in season two and the decision for doing season 3 has come down to viewership figures as compared to the premiere season. The first season had around 1.5 million viewers while the season 2 came down to 1.3 million viewers. Thanks to this the fate of Treasure Quest Snake Island sequel is still in the wind and filled with uncertainty, but we all hope for the best and hope that Season 3 will actually come.