Trending Careers In Information Technology

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Are you considering a career change, or perhaps you have always been one with a churning desire to tread a career path within the information technology industry, but can’t seem to know which discipline to explore?

Well look no further as we will be exploring different IT careers and what they entail. But before we go ahead exploring these various disciplines within the information technology world—let us first answer the question—what is information technology? And what does it entail to stay relevant in this field?

Information Technology is simply the study and use of systems and electronic devices (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, sending, and manipulating information.

IT is not like any other profession and career out there. It requires a person who is self-motivated as the learning curve can be quite tasking and boring (depending on the area of expertise). More so because the world of technology keeps changing rapidly, there is always a constant need for an individual to keep upgrading their knowledge and skill. Since the technology is always advancing, the demand for data scientists will continuously increase. This is why many applicants are recommended to get a Data Science Skills Assessment to gain an edge over their competition, for more details check Quanthub.

UI designer

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A UI designer is a person who designs the interface between the consumer and a website, program (applications/software), and algorithms. In layman’s terms, they help to design the middle-man (on quote) between the user and the producer, manufacturer, or creator.

This field of IT doesn’t require a traditional degree. You only need to get the proper training and experience to become marketable in this field.

There are several boot camps and online training like that will teach you a hands-on approach to becoming a well-grounded UI designer.


Programming is a systematic process of arranging or writing sets of codes or instructions, usually, in a language, the computer understands for the propagation of specific—range of tasks and processes.

There are various types of programming languages out there, but it is essential to choose one that will significantly increase your chances at employment. Among the popular programming languages out there are Python, Java, HTML, Kotlin, C++, etc.

Depending on your interest, you can choose which programming language to learn as most PL are specific to certain industries and specialties, but some, on the other hand, are cross-sectional. That is, they cut across various industries.


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Have you ever found yourself marveling at the way the Internet operates, and how it is we can communicate with people at the far end of the globe in just an instant?

Well, that is the job of a network engineer. They are responsible for the efficient transfer and exchange of information (data) from one communication point (server) to another.

Network engineers don’t need a degree but do need extensive training and certifications from reputable world-class network providers like Cisco, Juniper Networks, Vmware, etc.

This career path is very suitable for someone who likes to get their hands dirty. If you are practically oriented, then this IT field is for you, as it involves a lot of troubleshooting and repairing various network components like hubs, switches, routers, and their underlying configurations.

Data Science

This field involves or lends itself to a lot of mathematical statistics and correlation of data. But much more than that, It includes not only acquiring data but also, to use data obtained to make adjustments and predictions in a business environment or to predict consumer behavior.

The field of data science is a vast one with so many subcategories or subdivisions, which can now be used directly in various walks of life, ranging from business, healthcare to marine and environment issues.

To enter this field though you are going to need a degree in computer science or data science for an entry position into this field, after which you must get some certification in other to be able to stay relevant in the industry.

If you are mathematically sound and you want to do something that is IT related then this career path should be a walk in the park for you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist

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This field of IT is fascinating and very demanding as it involves the automation of a device or processes that require rational decision making, that is, giving a brain to a system or method.

At the base of this career, is programming. Like we talked earlier, it is the creating of an instructional set of codes or rules by which a device or system works. But the programming required is much deeper and requires a lot of creativity and imagination.

To get into this career, you will need a degree and some higher education like masters in computer engineering, computer science, robotics, or artificial intelligence.

If you are someone with a high level of imagination, and creativity alongside an eye for detail and accuracy, then it might be a career for you. 

In conclusion

IT is a very lucrative career, and according to the Forbes magazine, the demand for IT specialists will only continue to increase as the need for Information technology will be exponential in the coming years to come as the world can’t seem to have enough of it.