Triple H Back In The Ring Before Wrestlemania 33


Triple H is one of the greatest superstars that has ever stepped a foot in the WWE ring and has been known as one of the best heels ever. Now, he is in a corporate role as he is the guy behind the NXT and COO of the WWE. This guy has creative control over the NXT, and he also has some impact on main roster’s creative direction.

But, that doesn’t mean that The Game has retired from the ring. Every now and then he shows up at events and battles with young guns that the company now has. When the storyline calls for it, he laces up his boots and gets ready to do what he has been doing for the past two decades.


He hasn’t wrestled since the main event of the Wrestlemania 32, in which he came in as the WWE Champion and lost it to Roman Reigns. That was his 14th WWE title reign that started at the Royal Rumble when he went in and won it as the last entrant. The storyline called for it, and the company decided to put the belt on him. His feud with Rollins was planned for last year, but it got dropped since Rollins was out with the knee injury.

It’s still unclear whether or not Rollins will be ready for this year’s Wrestlemania, but Triple H will be in the ring for sure at the grandest stage of them all. What we know so far is that this will not be his first match before the event in Orlando as he is scheduled to get back in the ring on a couple of live shows. The first one will take place in Buffalo on March 10th and the second one will be organized in Toronto just a day later, on March 11th.